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watching me watch birds

watch people

bon gout, buon gusto...or ashley
2 June
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1970s david gilmour, adult swim, arm floaties, aw sugar sugar, beta fish, capri-sun, caravaggio, crayons, dirty paint, dissent, dove, droppin' the biscuit, fairport convention, george cantstandya, hunting milfs, i-4 traffic, ijustkilledaflyingcockroach florida, j. crayon, jarritos (strawberry), las meninas, license plates, loving carla the wifey, nicknames, paxil, politricks, raygun blowdryers, resembling roxanne, rockers, rubbas on ya willy, slurpees, state farm estimates, studio nights, the bittners, the mountain goats, the nude, toyota corolla thiefery, tubs+bubbles